QUINJA is for first-line treatment of fungal dermatoses including2:

Tinea pedis
Dermatophytosis of the feet, especially of the skin between the toes, caused by one of the dermatophytes, usually a species of Trichophyton or Epidermophyton.3

Tinea corporis
A well-defined, scaling, macular eruption of dermatophytosis that frequently forms annular lesions located on any part of the body.4

Tinea cruris
A superficial fungal infection of the groin caused by species of Trichophyton or Epidermophyton floccosum.5

Tinea versicolor
An eruption of tan or brown branny patches on the skin of the trunk, often appearing white; caused by growth of the fungus Malassezia furfur in the stratum corneum with minimal inflammatory reaction.6

Inflammation or infection of one or more hair follicles (openings in the skin that enclose hair).7

Seborrheic dermatitis
Common inflammatory disease of the skin characterized by scaly lesions usually on the scalp, hairline, and face.8

An erythematous skin eruption occurring on apposed surfaces of the skin, at the creases of the neck, folds of the groin and armpit, and beneath pendulous breasts.9

Cutaneous candidiasis
Skin infection caused by a species of the yeast Candida, usually Candida albicans.10

Angular cheilitis
Skin inflammation and fissuring radiating from the commissures of the mouth.11

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